Project Antrea

One of the exciting features of the latest release of Project Antrea-v1.2.0 is the Option to Configure Egress IP Pool or Static Egress IP for the Kubernetes Workloads. …

While vSphere with Kubernetes gaining adoption across all sort of business domains, the product team released the latest update to add a couple of features to the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Services (TKGs).

The latest update provides the following key features to the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid services.

  • Native Registry Service trust

With the introduction of vSphere-7 update1 (v7u1), VMware bringing the most simple and straightforward path to enable Kubernetes Services natively on the default enterprise Virtualization Platform. For those organizations wishing to adopt the Tanzu Kubernetes Services without the dependency on NSX-T and VSAN, the new release provides flexibility to configure…

Back in VMWorld 2019, VMware made an exciting announcement — Project Pacific — to bring the best of the proven enterprise virtualization platform vSphere and the defacto Container Orchestration engine Kubernetes into an integrated Modern Application Platform. …

Vino Alex

Cloud Evangelist & Cloud-Native Architect

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